I am not even sure how to begin this blog post.  I am so angry, frustrated and overwhelmed at the same time.  I am also trying to be careful about how I phrase things so that I do not offend anyone unintentionally.  So I will come out and say this:  I want this post to be supportive to all who read it (with the exception of those who bully others) and to be informative.  I do not want my words to be seen as critical, judgmental, unsympathetic, harsh, etc.  

I recently viewed the video in which a news anchor openly chastised a viewer for calling her fat and that she was an unacceptable role model.  I am sure many of you have also viewed this video but if you haven't you should take a couple minutes and watch it.  

After watching the video I was appalled that someone could be so harsh to another human as to judge them based on what they see on a newscast.  I was proud that Ms. Livingston stood up to her bully on air and called out this type of behavior.  However, I was appalled by the number of people who stood up for the bully on Ms. Livingston's husband's Facebook page.  Bullying takes many forms and Mr. Krause chose an email belittling Ms. Livingston on her weight as his preferred method of bullying.  

Life, as you know if you regularly read this blog, is about being healthy NOT what size clothes you wear!  Ms. Livingston is like many moms in America who work and strive to be the best mom they can be for their children.  As woman we gain weight when we have our children and, unlike most celebrities, our pregnancy weight doesn't fall off with the help of personal trainers and chefs making our prescribed meals to drop the weight.  No, we focus on the new life we brought into the world and making sure they have what they need.  Often, that results in less time to take care of ourselves and fall into a routine of self care that we maybe had previously.  

People recently featured Ms. Livingston in an article as a result of this bullying incident.  It points out  many facts about Ms. Livingston that show her as a role model for her daughters and girls who see her on TV who are maybe starving themselves to fit in and be perfect, who now have a role model of a different size to look up to instead.  Ms. Livingston is making even more changes in her lifestyle and eating choices that are helping her be successful at reaching her goal of under 200 pounds and she is doing it in the right ways and slowly!  Ms. Livingston said it best, "I'm trying to raise good, kind girls who have confidence in themselves."  And that is what it is all about, being a role model no matter what your size!  

What this story shows us, besides that Mr. Krause is a bully and NOT a good role model for boys (or girls), is that losing weight takes time and effort no matter if you are a news anchor, a teacher, a stay at home mom, or a student.  Just keep trying, find a support buddy or inspiration that will help you through those times when you want to give up or slip back into old habits.  Mike Thompson, Ms. Livingston's husband, sums it up perfectly, "Jennifer shows that you can be beautiful-no matter what size you are."  

Have a HEALTHY day!!!


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