We love oatmeal in this house but, many contain artificial flavors and colors.  Naturally, I was delighted recently to find Oat Revolution Instant Oatmeal by Better Oats at our local grocery store.  It is made with whole grains and real fruit!  Did you know that Quaker Oatmeal's strawberry oatmeal does not contain strawberries?  It actually has dehydrated apples injected with artificial strawberry flavors.  However, Oat Revolution Oatmeal has pieces of dehydrated strawberries along with flaxseed and more vitamins!

My 2 favorite parts of Oat Revolution Oatmeal are: 1-the measuring cup pouch to ensure that you have the right amount of water going into your oatmeal. 2-the price is right at $1.25 for Oat Revolution's box of 5 packets, compared to Quaker which is $3.99 for 10 packets.

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