I love the Detroit Tigers...love to watch the Tigers, I have even been known to watch Tigers Weekly.  In truth I am a girl who loves lots of sports (baseball, hockey, college football and basketball) and do love to watch and support my teams.  But when I can’t watch I am fine with reading about and seeing the highlights the next day. 

My 10 year old, not so much.  He eats, breathes, dreams and lives for baseball, in particular Tigers baseball (evidence by his Tigers hat above that I practically have to tear off him at times).  Currently it is 8am, I am exhausted from working an 18 hour day yesterday and trying to get a jump on my day so I can spend time this afternoon with my sister while getting my haircut and not work the entire time.  And my loving, awesome, overly stimulated by baseball 10 year old is eating breakfast and giving me a play by play of the Tigers game from last night.  While I enjoy his enthusiasm, I asked him to please stop so I could concentrate on my work items.  He gave me a baffled look and then turned back to the game only seconds later return to his banter.  Affectionately, I call him my “little Dickie V” because he has something to comment on all the time and each play results in an exuberant expression of awesomeness (yes, this may not even be a real word), shouting, and a subsequent rewinding of the DVR recording followed by “Mom, you gotta see this” over and over until I watch. 

There are exceptions to my more casual view on sports of course; I have been known to pull up a game on my ESPN app while at Les Miserables, Fourth of July fireworks, the beach, etc.  But they have to be “really important games” or at the bidding of my boys to have updates. 

So you are probably asking, “why in the heck is she writing about this”?  Well, I think it is something that we all have to deal with in our lives.  For you it may not be a 10 year “little Dickie V” but something else; a friend who wants to vent about their life struggles when you are pressed for time, a neighbor that is always turning your polite “hi” into a 30 minute conversation, a family member who doesn’t quite get the meaning of the Readers Digest version instead giving you the whole play by play.  These interruptions/disruptions/irritations may be just that, interruptions, disruptions and irritations.  But you may just make somebody’s day by taking the extra time to listen and watch and encourage those “little Dickie V”s in your life.  Because the relationships in our lives (the healthy, loving and supportive relationships) are worth the same effort that we give our jobs, our gardens, our blog ;), etc. 

So while it may mean taking a little more time to complete everything in your day, look at those interruptions as opportunities to grow and learn about life…in their dirt!


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