Sometimes, I am in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich, especially when it is paired with tomato soup.  However, those times don't necessarily happen as often as my boys want grilled cheese sandwiches, especially now that they are on break from school.  The other night, was one of those nights in our house!  So I had to figured out a way to have my grilled cheese "grow up" and become a sandwich worthy of dinnertime, while still appeasing their "need" for grilled cheese.

I use Kretchmar deli cheese and meats because their meats do not have fillers, no MSG and are gluten free.  They are a bit on the pricey side, but my local store has at least one type on sale each week, so I wait to buy them until they are on sale.  

I also use real mayo.  This may not seem like the healthiest option at first glance.  However, if you look at the ingredients of real mayo vs low fat mayo, you will notice a difference (I used the Hellmann's website for my ingredient information).  Real mayo uses 3 ingredients; eggs, oil and vinegar.  This list of ingredients in low fat mayo the list is a lot longer including; water, modified corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, salt, calcium disodium edta, phosphoric acid and more.  Because of this I tend to stay away from the low fat versions and stick to the original.  


Bread-I use Aunt Millie's Multi-Grain Bread
Brummel and Brown-or the margarine/butter your families normally use.
Kretschmar Deli Cheese- I used 1 sliced Colby Jack and 1 slice Pepper Jack
Kretchmar Deli Meat- I used 2 slices of Turkey off the Bone
Guacamole-I use Wholly Guacamole
Zucchini sliced lengthwise to the thickness you desire.
Non-stick spray
Frying pan or Panini pan

-Spray your frying pan (I use a Panini pan) with a non-stick spray.
-Heat your pan on medium
-Place zucchini in the pan to grill, flip after 1-2 minutes, then set aside
-Butter your bread and place both slices in the pan.
-Place the cheese and turkey on the bread in the pan, leaving them open faced
-Mix guacamole and mayo in a bowl, making enough the amount desired
-Remove sandwich from the pan and place on a plate
-Spread Guacamole Mayo on one half of the sandwich
-Place zucchini on top of the Guacamole Mayo, then place the other side of the sandwich on top.

I hope you enjoy this sandwich as much as we did!!

Healthy Eatings,


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