I was so excited when I ventured down the new Gluten Free section at my local store.  I often experiment with rice pasta and other gluten free options in my recipes because my sister is gluten free and I want her to be able to eat my tasty dishes.  And while I am not gluten free I am nut free and was so excited when I noticed a granola that was nut free! 

I love granola with fruit on my yogurt or on my ice cream.  However, finding a product that is truly nut-free is a problem, especially in my small town.  Naturally I was very excited, to the point of almost doing a happy dance right in aisle 7, to see Udi's Gluten Free Foods had a nut-free granola!  Now, I must mention, before other mom's start doing a happy dance while reading this post, that the granola is still baked in a facility that uses tree nuts.  So, for those people how are severely allergic to tree nuts this still may not work for you.  

Here is the best part about this Udi's product, and several of their other products, it is dairy, soy, egg, and gluten free!  This is great news for people who have multiple food allergies, making their food choices even more limited. 

The drawback to this product, besides that it is still manufactured in a facility that uses tree nuts, is that it is pricey!  I paid $7.00 for my 12 ounce bag.  Prompting a sharpie note in big letters to ward off the boys in my house, as seen below:

I think that Udi's has a great website with recipes, product overviews, a community section and more!  If you are gluten-free, have a special diet and/or just want to poke around check it out here!  You can  also sign-up for an Udi's coupon and for email updates while on the website, which I am hoping have more coupons and deals that appear in my inbox soon.  

And now, I am off to enjoy my Udi's granola over some vanilla greek yogurt!

Healthy Eatings, 


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