...a little glimpse into my life!  The more I explore this world of blogging, sharing my recipes, tips and opinions with everyone, the more I realize that there are no glimpses into my life.  So the Life in the Dirt section will aim to accomplish this worm hole :)  

As I start this first entry I am up to my eyeballs in the accumulation of stuff from the end of the school year (which coincidentally was 2 weeks ago), dry cleaning that I have yet to take the 3 blocks to the dry cleaners, baseball cards, Nerf gun pieces, mail, and paperwork that never seems to end.  This my friends, describes my dining room table.  Why am I not in my office?  Good question, because my office is currently playing a double feature of Beyblades and Legos with several sweaty crazy boys in attendance while fueling up Crystal Light and double decker grilled cheese sandwiches!  

Yes, life in the dirt is crazy...crazy fun!  Or at least I wish there was more crazy fun.  I am currently working a full-time job and just acquired 2 part-time contracts, in addition to trying to fulfill my dream of teaching kids and adults about how much fun it is to be healthy and keeping up on this blog.  However, work stops (or at least I try to stop) when it comes to my boys and their interests.  I pride myself on the fact that I only worked at a total of 2 baseball games this year and only missed 2 because of work commitments.  Some may chastise because I worked during my kids games but, there are just days when that is my reality and I make sure to always stop when they are up to bat and fielding.  

Yes, all of this goes on on a daily basis.  But, the real life in the dirt is where I prefer to be every chance I get.  The dirt of the outdoors, spending time in the garden, splashing in the inflatable pool, or at the lake.  This is where life is the most exciting, fun and full of lessons to translate into other areas of our lives.  Life in the real dirt is where I anticipate many of my posts to focus and originate.  

And on that note, I promised two little boys that I would take them to the lake today!  So we are off to make some memories and learn from life in the dirt...well sand and water!


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